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PPP 009: Interview with 3X Ironman Champion, Xterra World Triathlon Champion and Olympian Michael “Michi” Weiss

PPP 009: Interview with 3X Ironman Champion, Xterra World Triathlon Champion and Olympian Michael “Michi” Weiss

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I’m your host Dr. Marc Dupuis on this show we discuss tips, tools and strategies for optimizing athletic performance, overall health & wellness!

Today I’m Excited to bring you our featured guest:  Xterra World Triathlon Champion, Ironman Champion, and Olympian, Michael “Michi” Weiss!!!

.Michi, welcome to the show!

Okay, that was just a quick introduction, can you take a minute to fill in some of the gaps for our listeners, maybe tell us a little more about yourself and what has made you into the elite athlete that you are today?

What were some of your most memorable moments of being an Olympic Athlete and being able to represent your home country, Austria, on the world’s greatest stage during the 2004 Athens Olympics for Mountain Biking?

How has your background in mountain biking helped in your development as a triathlete, obviously it helps a ton in off road triathlon, but I am curious as to how it has helped or has influenced you in what I will call standard road based triathlon?

One thing I would love to delve into is the variety of training you incorporate throughout your year.  I follow a number of different pro’s and I cannot think of too many others that utilize such a wide variety of sports such as cross-country skiing, mountain biking, trail running and snow-boarding etc.  What is it that keeps you involved in so many different ways to train, is it a love of the outdoors, love of those sports or are there aspects of training in these other sports that spill over and create gains in triathlon?

Let’s dive into strength training for a minute.  It seems that quite often that is one aspect of training that gets left out especially among us age groupers.  If time is limited, many think the gym should be the workout to skip.  For those that do work in some strength training, often it is only in the few months of the off-season and then these folks too, tend to drop these workouts from their plans as the season gets underway.  Can you speak for a minute to our listeners about why strength training is so important for us endurance athletes and why we need to train throughout the year?  

Now let’s focus a bit on long course triathlon, for those listening that are not familiar, we are talking about ½ Iron and Full Iron distance events.  What are some of the most common mistakes that you see age groupers making, in regards to their training?

One thing that I have come to appreciate in long course racing is the benefit of having your head on straight during those long days.  Do you have any specific tools or strategies you have used over the years to build your mental game?  God knows you have had to bring your A-game on a number of occasions especially while running the marathon segment of the Ironman World Championships through the extreme head & humidity of lava fields of Kona!

The last topic I would love to dive into that you seem to do an excellent job of is recovery.  This is perhaps one of the biggest issues I see in the age groupers I work with in our clinic.  So many of us are working full time time jobs, have family obligations and are training numerous hours per week, all together which can create the perfect storm that is Overtraining which leads to illness and injury.  What are some of the most important strategies to monitoring and maximizing recovery between workouts and training blocks that you utilize?

Super Sprint Round: Featuring 3 questions from our listeners:  I will fire them off quickly BUT answers do not need to be quick:

  1. What is one of your favorite post workout recovery meals?


  1. What is one thing that someone can begin implementing tomorrow they can lead to them becoming a stronger biker?


  1. This question deals with the bike leg of the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii: With all the action in terms of breakaways, who covers, who stays back etc, is there any talking between competitors or are you running on pure instinct?

As we get ready to wrap up, I have two final questions for you:

Do you have any final words of wisdom for our listeners and HOW can we CONNECT WITH YOU?

Michael, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share such valuable information with our listeners!  We wish you the best of luck during the remainder of this year and beyond!

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