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PPP: 011 Why Endurance Athletes SHOULD Do CrossFit

PPP: 011 Why Endurance Athletes Should Do CrossFit

Show Notes

The information you are about to hear is for education purposes only.  Please consult your doctor before attempting to implement anything covered in the following episode.

Welcome to The Peak Performance Podcast

I’m your host Dr. Marc Dupuis on this show we discuss tips, tools and strategies for optimizing athletic performance, overall health & wellness!

Today I’m Excited to bring you our featured guests:

Kyle Sikes is the head coach and owner of CrossFit 207. He went to school at the University of Maine, originally for Molecular and Cellular Biology, but it was there that he started doing CrossFit. After discovering what he really loved to do, he changed his degree around to something more relevant to fitness. That being a Zoology degree with an Exercise Science minor. During his time at UMaine he started his first affiliate, CrossFit Black Bear, which has been passed down class to class and has since grown tremendously. Kyle has had his share of success in the competitive CrossFit world. He placed 57th in the world out of 70,000+ athletes in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Open. He made it to the Reebok Games Northeast Regionals in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and enjoys competing in local fitness competitions around New England.

Ryan Loshaw is a CrossFit 207 Coach & CrossFit Hack Co-ownerWNER

Beginning at the age of 8 with daily 5 mile runs with his father, a passion for competition and athletics grew. From high school cross country, track, swimming, ultramarathons and triathlons, he maintained an endurance background until his mid 20s. After breaking his femur in a race, he stumbled into CrossFit where his first coach (and future wife) opened his eyes to the benefits of CrossFit methodology and proper biomechanics. He has a passion of helping people utilize CrossFit to make them more successful, not only athletically but in their job and everyday life.

Kyle & Ryan, welcome to the show!

Okay, that was just a quick introduction, can you take a minute to fill in some of the gaps for our listeners, maybe tell us a little more about yourselves and what has made you into the athletes, coaches & Crossfit owners that you are today?

 Let’s jump right in, for those listeners who are not familiar with CrossFit, can you take some time to explain what exactly is CrossFit and what is it about CrossFit that is different from what you would experience in a more traditional gym setting?

One thing that has really stood out for me in regards to the people that I know that belong to CrossFit 207 is the tremendous sense of community that exists amongst your members.  Is this unique to your brand of CrossFit or is there something about this overall training model that makes it so successful in building such a supportive, tight-knit group?

Can you talk about the open gym format that is available to members?

 I have heard a lot of positive feedback from the classes that you have been launched earlier this year, can you take a few moments and explain what some of these classes look like, in terms of how long are they and what the overall layout is or flow of the class?  Are certain levels of experience required to be able to take the classes?

 What are some of the biggest misconceptions that people have about CrossFit?

 What are some of the most common mistakes that you see or hear of people making who are working out on their own often consistently but without making any real or lasting gains?

 Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about endurance athletes.  Many of our listeners are triathletes and competitive distance runners.  Last month when I interviewed Michi Weiss, a 3X Ironman Champion, Xterra World Triathlon Champion and Olympian, he explained that the number one reason he strength trains is for injury prevention.  We discussed at length that often endurance athletes will skip out on the gym for the better part of their competitive season.  Can you take a few minutes to expand on not only how endurance athletes can utilize CrossFit to help prevent injuries but also what are some other benefits to incorporating this particular style of training into their year- round plans?

 One major thing that you guys do very well that very few fitness facilities even address is incorporating information on nutrition & diet.  Can you take a few moments and expand on this topic for our listeners, perhaps how you educate your members on this topic and some of the food challenges you have ran and the impact it has had…

Super Sprint Round: Featuring 3 questions from our listeners:  I will fire them off quickly BUT answers do not need to be quick:

What is your favorite post workout recovery meals?

If you could only do one exercise for the next year, what would it be and Why?

Airdyne Bike or Rower till EXHAUSTION?

As we get ready to wrap up, I have two final questions for you:

Do you have any final words of wisdom for our listeners and HOW can we CONNECT WITH YOU?

Folks, I will put a links to each of the ways to connect with Kyle & Ryan in our show notes page @ www.thepeakperformancepodcast.com

Kyle & Ryan, THANK YOU Both for taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us today, best of luck in all that you two are up to!

This concludes today’s episode of The Peak Performance Podcast, where we discuss tips, tools and strategies for optimizing athletic performance, overall health & wellness! Please SUBSCRIBE to this podcast so that you never miss future episodes, also PLEASE SHARE this podcast with ANYONE you feel may benefit from what we covered today.

 Finally, Thank you very much listening and until next time, have a Fantastic Day!




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