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An Introduction to Winter Hiking

An Introduction to Winter Hiking

Welcome to the Peak Performance Podcast

I am your host, Dr. Marc Dupuis

Today’s episode is a live recording from a recent presentation by my colleague & fellow Back to Health Chiropractic Chiropractor Dr. Tyler Kuntz

For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kuntz, here is a brief bio:

Dr. Tyler Kuntz is a Chiropractic Physician at Back to Health Chiropractic.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College. While studying at Palmer, Dr. Kuntz was a clinical Radiology Intern and a Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Intern.

 When outside of the office, Dr. Kuntz’s outside interests include hiking, running, swimming or any other outdoor activities that New England has to offer.  He is an avid runner and competitive ultramarathoner. 

Especially relevant to tonight’s presentation, Dr. Kuntz is an accomplished hiker.  He has completed all of the 4,000 ft mountain hikes in New Hampshire, twice and is working on completing the ultimate challenge of the White Mountains 4,000 ft GRID….keep in mind, he has only been in New England for two years!  That is quite the accomplishment!  

What I love about today’s show is this: Winter hiking is a phenomenal way to cross train while continuing to build a solid cardiovascular base for the upcoming race season but in a way that uses muscles differently compared to standard  swimming, biking and running. Now more than ever it can be all too easy to fall into the habit of only swimming, biking and running all year long without any breaks.  With the advent of virtual training programs like Zwift for biking and now even running we can push right on through the end of our race season and not take any time off which of course sets the stage for developing overuse injuries.  

For those of us that live in climates that provide a snow filled off season, winter hiking and cross country skiing can be the answer to figuering out how to build early season fitness while simultaneously lowering your risk of developing overuse injryies!!  

And with that, I present to you: Dr. Tyler Kuntz

That wraps up today’s show, An Introduction to Winter Hiking.  I hope you found this talk helpful and that you can apply what Dr. Tyler taught you today for some fun, safe winter hiking in the near future!

You can find links to some of the gear, websites and related information that Dr. Tyler spoke of on our show notes page at www.thepeakperformancepodcast.com

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Thank you very much for listening & have a great day!




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